Portfolio Companies
Spoko – a Game-changer in Global Money TransferSpoko – a Game-changer
in Global Money Transfer

•   Phygital financial ecosystem centered around turning unbanked expats to banked by digitalizing.

•   With focus on remittance the ecosystem of Spoko offers a range of financial and lifestyle services for individuals via its mobile app and web interface.

•   Fintech Ventures holds a majority share in Spoko.

•   With over 30 pay-in countries and over 100 pay-out countries Spoko already today reach millions of potential clients.

•   Attractive customer offering.

•   Sizeable and growing market.

•   Longstanding customer relationships based on a value added service offer.

•   A growth strategy attuned to market trends.

•   Platform for further expansion.

•   Lean organization spurred for further growth.

•   Committed management team with first class credentials based on performance.

•   Significant synergies with Fintech Ventures portfolio.

•   Local banks in EU regulation can’t provide fully on-boarding for non-EU customers.

•   With outsourced risk and back-office Spoko is targeting a new customer group that has not previously had the opportunity to be banked.

PaSS – Ensures Long-Term Profit GenerationPaSS – Ensures Long-Term
Profit Generation

•   PaSS is created to collect all Fintech Ventures assets needed for the establishment of an Alternative Online Bank (AOB).

•   Having all these assets assembled in one single company gives better systematization the platform of remittance and auxiliary services.

•   PaSS is the base technological solution of PASSPAY app, with its own proprietary API.

•   PASSPAY app is meant to turn un-banked clients into banked clients and offers them, among possible other add-on features, tools for remittances to their home countries by having a Digital Wallet account with IBAN facilities and the possibility to have a hard or digital debit cards.

•   PaSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fintech Ventures.

•   By having Spoko as an exceptional market-entry product Fintech Ventures capitalizes further on Spoko by integrating PaSS with possibilities to sustainable recurring revenue add-on services such as debit cards, insurances, healthcare, travels, work opportunities and much more.

•   Well invested with state-of-the-art license platform for further expansion.

•   Key position in the value chain.

•   Potential for organic growth through adding new license and software modules.

•   PaSS provides licenses and services to portfolio companies to improve their customer offering.

•   Within PaSS, business development takes place to strengthen Fintech Ventures’ portfolio companies.

•   PaSS uses the network effects in Fintech Ventures’ portfolio companies to strengthen its license base and expand the market for both PaSSs as Fintech Ventures’ other portfolio companies – in this way, major product and market synergies are achieved.

IGS – an Independent Company with a Unique Product PortfolioIGS – an Independent Company
with a Unique Product Portfolio

•   Intelligent Gaming Solutions – IGS – a listed company independent of other companies within Fintech Ventures, possess the rights to Bingolotto (except for the Swedish and UK market) – the most successful lottery concept in Swedish history and is based on a combination of bingo games, lottery and entertainment TV.

•   Business model includes selling the bingo lottery concept to partners of type lottery vendors and TV production companies globally.

•   In addition to profit-generating lottery licenses, large gaming and e-sports rights are held where the business potentials are substantial.

•   The investment horizon for IGS is shorter than for rest of group due to strategy fit.

•   Fintech Ventures owns 90% of the listed company.

•   Despite being a separate entity IGS is a tool for customer acquisition for Spoko and PaSS.

•   PaSS is an important partner to IGS as PaSS enables and streamlines payments, security, onboarding etc.

•   By supporting high potential ideas and talented teams behind them, IGS are strengthening the gaming sector from within and scaling innovative solutions that benefit the entire Fintech Ventures group.

•   Scalable business model with barriers to entry.

•   Attractive growth market – the global online gaming market continues to grow rapidly.

•   New technology and local re-regulation drives growth.

•   Enables multi-brand strategy and tailoring of offers to specific customer segments.

•   Strong fan base throughout the value chain and service offering – Broadcasting. Community. Betting. Superstars. Teams. Services.

•   The games market will continue to grow in the following years, exceeding $200 billion at the end of 2023.

•   IGS is well positioned to capitalize on the positive market trends.